Thursday, October 18, 2012

Moved Here

So, yes.  I moved It's Kris to this blog, Little Strangeling.  Since I wanted a change, and I wanted to make the blog not just about makeup but also about my crafting for PrettyMorbid and KittyScreamsCute.  I thought the name, "Little Strangeling" was more fitting, since I definitely consider myself out of the norm. 

Next week is the Zombie Walk.  I'm super excited, although a bit nervous about how sales are going to be at the PrettyMorbid booth, since its our first time ever selling.  I guess we'll see next Saturday how much people like creepy, twisted things. 

So far, I've decided I'm going to be selling the following, or at least this is what I've dreamed up so far:
  • Skeleton Hand Hair Bows
  • Bat Hair Bows
  • Bat Necklaces
  • Bat bracelets
  • Zombie Heart Necklaces
  • Zombie Body Parts jewelry (heads, fingers, feet, BRAINS!!!!)
  • Duct tape bows
  • Duct tape wallets
I'm so excited!!

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