About Me

Let's keep a bit of privacy, shall we?  I'm 24 years old and will be 25 on January 8th.  I've always considered myself different, and have always found liknesses in myself and Tim Burton's female characters, especially Sally, Corpse Bride, and Weird Girl.

Although I do have a cat and a fish, my cat isn't psychic like Mr. Whiskers, there. 

I've been into makeup design for as long as I remember.   I would sneak and play in my mom's makeup when I was little, or talk her into letting me do her makeup.  Not only do I have an interest in beauty makeup, but I adore working on theatrical makeup, especially if I can make someone look scary.

I also love art, graphic design, and photography, which is what I do freelance to make money.  When I'm not doing that, I'm working on new stuff for my shops, which are PrettyMorbid, which sales creepy, Halloweeny stuff year round, and KittyScreamsCute, which sales kawaii, cute stuffs.  PrettyMorbid is co-owned by my wonderful boyfriend, who supports me in everything I do.  :)

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